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Medical Corporation, Shitokukai

Miki Dental Clinic



Chairperson ,Bimler Orthodontic Appliance Seminar

Director ,Chairperson,Miki Dental Clinic,Medical Corpration ,Shitokukai



2553-2 Shiogawa,Suzaka-city,Nagano,Japan


Mikiko Nagai was born in1965, in Suzaka City,Nagano Prefecture,Japan.

I graduated Matsumoto Dental College and also did  her internship there.

After that I worked in the Oral Surgery Depatment of Shinsei Hospital.

I opened my own clinic in Shiogawa, Suzaka City,in September of 1996

and in December 2002 my Clinic became a medical corporation

under the name Shitokukai Miki Denatal Clinic.

In 2004 I established the Bimler Orthodontic Appliance Seminar.

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